Get Martin’s Book!


BIG NEWS in the Emergency Socks world: my book HIGH TURNOVER AT THE CULT OF CULTS has been published! The book is a British detective mystery with a Wodehouse narrative style based in modern-day United States. Pick up print editions, Nook, iOS versions by clicking on the publisher page. Grab the Kindle version from Amazon.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who picks up the book. I hope you love it.

xoxoxo Martin

Here’s the description from SlimBooks:

“In High Turnover at the Cult of Cults, author and humorist Martin Rex introduces us to Ackley Davenport, a throwback with a penchant for Victorian flair and the disposition of a clueless-but-jovial English monarch­—albeit in 2015 U-S-A. The beloved town therapist with a lilting English accent that is therapy incarnate, Ackley is called to the Choolatec compound to treat cult leader Blacklander, who he discovers is unlike every other cult leader—except in one astonishing way. After a crossbow attack leaves cult member “Feathers” with an arrow sticking straight through his gullet, Ackley gets pulled into the hullabaloo, revealing hidden truths in the unexpected world (and solving some relationship problems in the process). Along the way, Ackley reveals a secret to the reader that he’s been waiting for just the right moment to divulge, and becomes the greatest British detective in history (or, at least, in Amity). Fans of detectives Poirot, Nero Wolfe, and Sherlock Holmes and admirers of the lively narrative style of P.G. Wodehouse will devour High Turnover at the Cult of Cults. Make sure you have a few hours, because you won’t be able to put the book (or your smile) down.”